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Hi, I’m Danielle,

a London-based Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hrs) Certified in the United Kingdom, and Pilates Instructor in Training. I discovered yoga in 2014, simply because I wanted to experience something different from the usual hardcore workout classes such as power pump, step and aerobics. As I looked at different classes, yoga was the one that stood out for me.


The thing is, finding the right yoga teacher wasn’t easy. There was the performative yoga teacher who didn’t give a damn about the students in front of her and was more concerned about doing fancy poses that were not suitable for all levels. Then there was the loud yoga teacher who yelled out different poses and embarrassed me at one point by saying my down dog was a little dog and needed to be a big dog! Students gather round equally as embarrassed and let’s just say it was a mess.

Then there was the calm-spirited yoga teacher. The one who was self-assured, who walked around the class instead of staying on her mat. The one who didn’t call out anyone specifically – no one was more special than the next person.

She was the yoga teacher who made me feel at ease and confident in my practice because I wasn’t made to feel that I was bad at yoga because my lines were off or because I couldn’t get into a certain pose. The confidence I felt is what allowed me to fall in love with yoga and the ability of my practice to transcend across the mind, body, and spirit. Those are just some of the contributing factors as to why I decided to become a yoga teacher, and I still consider myself a student as there is always something new to learn.

I have bundles of respect for the ancient and effective practice that has transformed the perspectives, outlooks, and bodies of countless cultures. Yoga is not about perfection, or twisting and moulding your body into the shape of a pretzel (ignore the Insta and TikTok s**t). It’s about connecting with your mind, body and spirit through poses (asanas), and your breath leading to feeling connected with who you are and creating a sense of confidence that doesn’t just stay on the mat. It embeds and weaves itself within you as you go through your day to day life.

As a Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor, my focus is to teach and facilitate your practice to help you feel, explore and connect with YOUR body, so you feel liberated and confident. Through high-spirited movement, breathe-work, mindfulness, and a healthy lifestyle, my mission is to help you embrace all of who you are (unique quirks and all) whilst bringing some spice to your yoga and pilates (yogalates) journey!

With a focus on Power (a blend of Vinyasa and Ashtanga), Yin and Restorative Yoga, and Mat Pilates, my approach to guiding true self-expression embodies playfulness, authenticity and a vibe that encourages all personalities to the mat. Through Instagram, TikTok and my YouTube channel, you can find authentic content to support you on your journey.

Connect with ME

Yoga is not about perfection, or twisting and moulding your body into the shape of a pretzel (ignore the Insta and TikTok shit).

I am audaciously committed to giving you the best of what I’m living and learning to help you live a life that feels good.
Reclaim your power by silencing the noise that is around you and has the ability to lead to comparison. When all that noise is silenced, you’ll start to create the space to own your inner power.


Danielle McDonald,

The woman behind She’s So Audacious™

I am audaciously committed to giving you the best of what I’m experiencing and learning to help you feel, explore & connect with your body.
Remember that yoga and pilates is a personal journey, so embrace it with an open mind and enjoy the process of growth and self-discovery that comes with your practice on and off the mat.
Danielle McDonald,


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