6 Reasons You Should Try Yoga


Do you want to feel, explore and connect with your body? Then perhaps it’s time to try yoga! With countless styles and poses available, I absolutely LOVE yoga, which is why I became a certified Yoga Teacher. The advantages of incorporating Yoga into your lifestyle go far beyond just stretching and the hype around flexibility – it can help reduce anxiety, increase focus, build core strength and enhance your overall well-being. Here are 6 reasons why you should give yoga a go and if it’s not your jam, all good!

Improve Your Range of Motion – Yoga stretches and strengthens your muscles, which can support increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Yoga isn’t just about being flexible. It’s a fun and exciting way to achieve greater inner peace while improving your mental and physical well-being. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress or gain more control of your body, yoga can provide you with the movement and range of motion you need to make everyday movements easier. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel better while having some much needed-me time? From pigeon pose to downward dog, child’s pose and more, yoga is a beautiful way to take time to connect with yourself.

Increase Your Strength – Yoga utilises body weight to help you develop strength in the core muscles.

If you’re looking to boost your strength and physique, try yoga, where you’ll use your body weight as resistance to develop strength in the core muscles. Yoga helps you stay balanced and focused while offering a unique approach to strength-building. With regular yoga practice, you can look forward to improvements in posture, concentration and potentially your stress levels. In short, try yoga for a complete mental and physical wellbeing package that can make a difference to your day-to-day life. Yes, you can tell I’m a fan!

Boost Your Energy Levels – Yoga helps reduce fatigue and increase energy levels due to improved circulation throughout the body.

Need a boost of energy? Well, you might want to try yoga. Not only will it support your fitness goals, and build a deeper connection with yourself, but with regular practice, it can boost your energy levels. Through the practice of flowing movement, tension is relieved, which can give you more energy during the day. Plus, improved circulation throughout the body can help to reduce fatigue, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed. So try yoga to explore the benefits you may be able to experience.

Balance Your Mind and Body – Yoga can help you relax by balancing your mind and body through breathing exercises, poses, and meditation techniques.

Yoga is a great way to restore balance in your life and take some time out for yourself. It promotes relaxation through various breathing exercises, poses, and meditation techniques. All of these methods work together to bring your mind and body into alignment. The end result? Feelings of calm and peace that will leave you in a better state of mind than when you started. Whether it’s the kind of yoga practised in a studio/gym, on Zoom, Yoga, TikTok or Instagram, investing some time into the activity can be beneficial on both physical and psychological levels.

Enhance Your Posture – Strengthening your core can help you sit up straighter and maintain better posture while sitting or standing.

Enhancing your posture can seem a bit daunting, but with yoga, there are so many options you can explore and try out. Practising yoga can help to strengthen your core, so this can lead to sitting up straighter and standing taller – definitely an added bonus as we age. Not only will proper posture help avoid future muscle aches, it will make you feel extra confident as you handle all of life’s daily tasks. So hop onto your mat and just play around with poses – subscribe to my YouTube Channel for content to support you with this.

Reduce Stress Levels – Through relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, yoga can help lower stress levels in the body.

Yoga can be great to help reduce stress levels in a fun and easy way. On my YouTube Channel you can breathe with me by practising breathwork (go to the playlist). With regular practice of these relaxation methods, you may experience a decrease in daily stress and an improvement in overall wellbeing. So don’t put it off any longer – try yoga.

To wrap things up, it’s clear that yoga has lots of amazing benefits for both your mind and body. Having a regular yoga practice can help to unlock these benefits. Not only can yoga help you improve your range of motion and strength, but it can also help boost energy levels and reduce stress. This improved circulation can lead to better posture, allowing you to stand tall and confident. And with the many relaxation techniques yogis use like breathing exercises and meditation, your mind and body can stay balanced for a more well-rounded quality of life.

Yoga is for everyone and there is no such thing as being bad at yoga. As a Yoga Teacher, my focus is to teach and facilitate your practice to help you feel, explore and connect with YOUR body so you feel liberated and confident. Through high-spirited movement, breathwork, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle, my mission is to help you embrace all of who you are (unique quirks and all) whilst bringing some spice to yoga! Let’s connect.

Photo via Cecille Photography

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