“Before speaking with Danielle, I was on the verge of giving up and closing my business. It was a very confusing period for me as I was spending a lot of time trying to remember why I was passionate about my business. It was passion that urged me to start, so feeling as though I had lost that really gave me a lot of anxiety. I tried to solve the problem by turning to my partner and friends, because more than anything I needed to vent. It was great to get things off my chest, but after that, I was still unsure of what path to take, but a little less stressed.

After having a conversation with Danielle, I had a clear understanding of what I created, why I felt confused and where I should be taking my business. As well as focusing on my mind-set and making sure that I take time out to nurture myself. I gained confidence in myself to carry on, re-birthed my passion to continue doing what I love and clarity about my business model and the next steps.

Danielle has a no nonsense approach and I valued her honesty and how straight forward she was. It was great to have someone else look at my business from the outside, process the information and then give me actionable advice, that I am already planning to execute. That’s priceless!

If you’re considering working with Danielle, do it before you exhaust all your options. What I mean by that is; we naturally turn to those we know to help us understand something we feel down or confused about. And although that’s amazing, it is 100% more valuable and rewarding to sit down and speak with someone who completely understands why you are where you are, and how to get you moving again.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time by getting directly to the problem with someone like Danielle standing next to you, to guide you through it and then continue with you, to achieving your goals.

Thank you Danielle! You came at the right point and honestly, if you didn’t show up, I would have been fighting against myself, trying to figure out what I needed to do. I realised that it was all about my mind-set and you allowed me to see that – I am very grateful.”

Nadine Sandcroft

Founder, Just Entrepreneurs

“Danielle is results driven and that was what I was looking for, someone who could support me in delivering outcomes for my business. Working with Danielle made me more focused and strategic in terms of breaking things down in an achievable way. I have gained great tools and systems to move forward effectively with my business. The most important thing you should know about working with Danielle is you get results. She is honest and consistent and always goes over and above to deliver an excellent service to her clients. Danielle is a great confidant, her commitment to deliver a great service enables you to gain confidence and clarity in your journey!”

Marsha Powell

Founder & Director, Eve & Grace & BelEve UK

Before working with Danielle I felt lost. Although I knew all the things that I needed to change and do, I did need Danielle to hold me accountable. I was at a point where I wanted positive change in my life and Danielle helped me to do exactly that and more. I am more goal orientated, focused and spend more time on developing myself. The templates she provided me with have helped me to be more organised.  I absolutely loved Danielle’s progress follow-ups and hearing her different ideas to progress even further. She is super professional, a great person to work with, had a solution to every challenge that I was facing and is like a walking dictionary! If you want clarity, change in your life and want action steps to different ideas on how to grow and develop yourself, you must work with Danielle. Also her online presence is amazing. Her daily inspirational Instagram posts are a must read in the morning!”

Jelena Cvijanovic Rakovic

Flagship Assistant Store Manager, Marni

“When I heard Danielle speak at the Business Show, I knew it would be a good idea to work with her. Since joining the Clarity Mastermind group, I have gradually established myself as one of the go-to brands in my industry and have developed a website for my business. I learnt a lot from Danielle, the one thing that stands out is how to manage change. One of the things I liked best about working with Danielle is her consistency and ‘winner’ mindset. She is a natural motivator who is never short of advice and encouragement. Danielle takes her work very seriously, she is passionate about what she does and is very results driven, but most importantly she has clear expectations of those she works with. If Danielle decides to work with someone it’s because she believes in their brand and will give 110% to help them reach their business goals.” 

Mrs Tonbra Nwos

Founder and Creative Director, Anaiah Grace Events

“Working with Danielle was such a pleasure! She is truly one of the best business coaches I have worked with. Not only can she relate to clients on a business owner level, but she displays amazing skills, in being able to help pull out some useful and effective strategies within me, which I can then implement on my own. However if I ever got stuck she was always on hand to go that extra mile and provide the support needed.”

Andrea Ilaka

PR Consultant, PR Girl State of Mind

“I was looking for clarity regarding the next steps for my future. When I read Danielle’s story, something in that story resonated with me. Her working in retail then going into self-employment.

Before my Stellar Clarity Session my life was very distressing, confusing and disappointing. I tried to solve the problem by chatting with family without much resolve, which made me feel I needed independent advice. Three weeks in from the session I had a plan of action as to where I could go next. I let my failures go, gained more self-acceptance and confidence in my achievements to date.

Danielle’s ability to listen first then provide a point of view is what I valued most. When she helped me identify my achievements so far it made me look at things from a completely different perspective. She also taught me the method of breaking things down into smaller chunks which was very useful.

If clarity is what you are after, clarity is what you get. But… Beware! You will experience a different type of calmness that you might not be used too. Danielle’s energy is amazing.” 

Michaela Anderson

“I had no hesitations about working with Danielle. I now have clarity, and synchronicity across all of my brand platforms. Engagement with my audience has increased from the implementation of strategies Danielle shared. What I liked best about working with Danielle is her honesty, structured sessions, availability and vision. She listens and tailors her approach, rather than trying to sell something that get’s sold to everyone.

Working with Danielle means being ready to take action – it’s very balanced, so you’ll get out of it exactly what you put in. Whether you’re experienced in business or just starting up, I would recommend Danielle and I have already done so. Not only will you get results during your time together, but she’ll leave you armed with future action-taking strategies to grow your business.”

Tori Ufondu

Mindset Coach & Relationship Expert , Tori Ufondu

“Danielle undertook 6 days of work for me over the summer to advise on the training and development needs of my team, culture, values and review my company’s HR policies and procedures. What impressed me most about Danielle was how personable and easy to talk to she was – despite being fiercely experienced and knowledgeable about her field. She really wanted to help me and work as closely as possible with my team – and this would not have been possible if she was not so easy to relate to. She completed her work to the deadlines agreed and everything she presented to me was of excellent quality and I know her recommendations are going to revolutionise the way we work! I have no hesitation in recommending Danielle.”

Lucy Cawkwell

Founder and Managing Director, Osborne Cawkwell Limited

“I had no hesitation about working with Danielle, she has been an asset mentor to me. Since being mentored and coached by Danielle, I understand the value of what I and my business bring to the table. I’ve gained confidence and think more strategically about my pricing model. I now have customers that are prepared to pay for my services and have moved my idea, from a hobby into a sales generating business.I would highly recommend Danielle to any individual seeking to develop their vision to the next level. Her drive and ambition is enough to motivate her clients to succeed in their goals along with the support, encouragement and belief she instils in people.” 

Linda Smith

Founder, TNBT Media

“I can honestly say working with Danielle is a breath of fresh air, she is very passionate, focused and knowledgeable. Her no nonsense approach makes a big difference when you need to get clear and it’s a style I really appreciate. You get more done and come away very clear on what needs to change in order to move forward. The clarity session came at exactly the right time for me and I came away with much more than promised. I would absolutely recommend this session to anyone whole heartedly, she does not disappoint. Thank you, Danielle.”

Michelle Margaret Marques

Founder and Creator, Elise Marques Natural Skincare

I’m an avid follower of Danielle on social media, where she always shares great tips and knowledge on how to achieve your goals and develop a healthy mindset. When I visited her website, I became extremely keen to work with Danielle, as I could see she had a wealth of experience and it seemed her personal formula ‘The Power of Three’ would bring about the success I desired for my business.

Before my Stellar Clarity Session with Danielle, I was at the start-up phase of my coaching business and had lots of ideas, but this was leading to confusion. I lacked clarity on my niche and the direction I needed to head in, to effectively launch my business. The session was both progressive and productive. I confidently left the session with clear and focused action steps that resulted in me moving from zero clients to six clients within the following two week period. I was completely over the moon by how effective Danielle’s strategies were.

The benefits I received from my Stellar Clarity Session included clarity on my niche and offering, guidance and actions steps and ‘branding’ me where we discussed how I could brand myself in order to hold a position of authority in my field. I loved the environment where the session was held and the structure of our conversation. I would confidently recommend working with Danielle. It’s certainly true when she says she doesn’t “handout fluff or sprinkle fairy dust”. She is action-driven, honest and an encourager and will provide you with the strategies needed to bring about the results you seek. Thank you Danielle. You have made an immense difference to the success of my business! 


The Confidence Restyler™

“Danielle was a Godsend to me at a time in my career where I felt stuck. It felt good to have someone brilliant like Danielle guiding me and my brand in the  direction I should’ve already been headed in. I am thankful to God for having the opportunity to work with her because I have become more clear and focused. I have a more polished redefined brand, I was featured in an online magazine and started my very own successful podcast which was voted New and Noteworthy straight out of the gate by iTunes. I have always done things on my own, but it felt good to have an accountability partner to push me outside my comfort zone which felt foreign to me, but worth it. Danielle is very passionate about what she does and takes helping others very seriously. She doesn’t play around nor will she take your money if she doesn’t believe you are committed to your craft. She has great ideas that can help to further your business/brand. I now know that I can master and live in my purpose empowering others feeling more sure of this than ever before, thanks Ms Danielle.”

Naomi Prince

“Working with Danielle is not passive engagement, she really keeps you on your toes! I gained clarity, and I’m now clear on my ideal customer and the vision for my business. The daily activities for my business are now streamlined, I set definite weekly/daily goals to support my success and the great tools she provided have boosted my productivity. With Danielle’s support, I was able to explore and implement different marketing and growth strategies and measure the benefits. Danielle is very good in helping you to extract the core components and get strategic on what needs to be done to have a solid foundation.

Since working with Danielle, I’ve let go of trying to do everything myself and use freelancers for some of the tasks I was spending copious amounts of time on. Danielle is a great motivator, she kept me motivated to continue. You will get results, but ultimately, the responsibility is on you to take advantage of the extras! I now truly understand that in order to grow as a person and a business you have to continuously invest in your learning.” 

Niita Emvula

Founder & Director, Fab-To-Wear

“From the first time you meet Danielle you cannot help but feel at ease and inspired. Danielle acts as a catalyst for your success (inside and out). Her unique gifts get to the heart of who you are and what you need to do to unlock the next steps of your dream…and before you know it you are stepping out on that terrafirma. I cannot recommend her enough – she’s a sure-footed dream-making people person that every Entrepreneurial dreamer needs.” 

Lorraine Ferrier

“Danielle McDonald has the spirit of success, in that she is always connecting with people and movements which are grandiose in order to make larger impact with the community. Danielle is also a remarkable person who cares deeply about people. She has a very powerful and committed approach to building effective relationships with people to deliver the ultimate objectives and goals at hand. She’s very dependable and I find her extremely trustworthy and honest.”

Duval Middleton

Founder, GumiPod