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You Need More Than An Idea To Start A Business – TCOMP028

You need more than an idea to start a business. If you’ve started a business or you’re in that place where you’re thinking of starting a business, it can be such an exciting experience when you come up with a great idea right? But that’s just the starting point, there is so much more to it and I’m not referring to the surface based stuff such as branding, a website and so on.

Now I’m not saying those things aren’t part of the process, but there are bigger and more important things that have to be explored and solidified. For example, you have an idea great, but who is going to actually put their hand in their pocket for your product or service idea and why should they buy?

You need more than an idea to start a business. Listen into this episode that takes into consideration a few key business principles, however is mindset and personal growth led, because it’s not all business. You have to be mentally and physically prepared for the long haul. It’s a hard slog that you have to go all in for and that’s why you need more than an idea to start a business.

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