How I went from the shop-floor to teaching individuals effective strategies to gain clarity, shift their mindset, and take action for results so they can step up, step out, own it and become more business savvy.

My career started at Topshop as a part-time sales adviser in the flagship Oxford Street store in London. I steadily worked my way up to a level two sales manager, managing and engaging teams of 100-plus employees.

I then moved on to URBN, which houses the Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie brands. At the time, URBN only had four stores in the UK with a plan for enormous growth. It was the perfect opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone and become what is now known as an intrepreneur.

During my career with the company, I went from being a shop-floor assistant manager to a senior HR manager. I created and managed the HR function from scratch for approx. 250 to 1,400 employees across six different countries, including Germany and Belgium. At one point I was looking after all stores and head office across both brands.

Operating within a stand-alone role, I developed a team of Area Trainers to support with communicating and implementing the people strategy across Europe.

I’ve had an absolutely incredible career (and still do) which has open doors for me to work with the likes of Ms Cupcake, House of Fraser and other amazing businesses, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel across Europe and the States where I’ve experienced different cultures and learnt amazing things along the way.

As the Founder of Brands of Colour, I’m committed to empowering individuals to gain clarity, shift their mindset, and take action for results so they can step up, step out, own it and become more business savvy.

I’m known as “The Clarity Architect” for being on-target, succinct, concise and to the point. I’m a driven, critical thinker with an eye for detail, and a passion for fostering and empowering individuals to succeed.

“Danielle is very passionate about what she does and takes helping others very seriously. She doesn’t play around nor will she take your money if she doesn’t believe you are committed to your craft. She has great ideas that can help to further your business/brand.” Naomi Prince


The journey hasn’t been easy….

At the age of 16 I knew I wanted to run my own business ‘in the near future’, but I never knew what it would be or when it would happen! Here are my exact words I wrote in my record of achievement:

I also hope to own my own business in the near future. I’m an independent person and want to be able to rely on myself.

It always brings a smile to my face to read that statement and the many others I wrote… 16 years later what I hoped for came to life. But, it never played out as easy as it might sound. It took a lot of inner work, learning and growth to become the woman I am today.

I’ve experienced things that have brought me close to breaking point. 

I’ve always been ambitious, but during my teens, twenties and even the early stages of my business I had so many moments of feeling lost and confused, because I lacked direction which was a result of a lack of clarity. Self-limiting beliefs, doubts and self-perceptions would eat away at me at times, in both life and the workplace. 

You see, it doesn’t matter how confident a person may come across, we all have our own battles we are fighting to overcome. 

During my darkest moments when anxiety would surround me, prayer, my faith and meditation helped me breakthrough into the light and let me share with you why. 

I had to make the decision, because we always have a choice, to create transformational change from within through spiritual and personal growth which I weave throughout my content. Without getting to the root cause as to why we experience certain things and why we feel a certain way, things will remain the same…..

I’m truly grateful for everything that has taken place in my life because its all contributed to me being the woman I am today, and up skilled me to do what I do now. 

Danielle McDonald - Meet Danielle

I discovered the Power of Three

I developed a formula that I’ve mastered over the years and my achievements to date are proof that it actually works. 

  • Clarity
  • Mindset
  • Action for Results


I now use that same formula, when working with individuals. We start with clarity on your goals and what you want to achieve, identify the mindset shift that needs to take place and set a plan in motion so you can take action for results.

I’m able to do this because I teach what I know, and practice what I preach. Anything outside of that is text book or fake.



God and my family mean everything to me. Words will never express the love I have for God and my family. I would not be where I am without them.God and my family mean everything to me. Words will never express the love I have Words will never express the love I have 


I don’t have a sob story to tell. My resilience, strength and work ethic come from my mama. I don’t complain, moan or wallow about stuff in life because there is a solution to everything. When I get knocked down I get my ass off the ground and fight back at whatever life throws my way.


Meditation changed my life. I never use to be a fan. I thought it was a complete waste of time. Now it’s part of my daily practice. It helps me to connect with my inner self on a deeper level.


I’m a GYM, yoga and pilates bunny! Whether it’s a solo session, class or yoga practice I get to shut down from the noise. It’s my jam that supports me to be physically fit.supports me to be physically fit. supports me to be physically fit.


Hello I’m Danielle and I’m a mayonnaise addict… and not just any mayo, nothing beats Hellman’s! When I was younger it was salad cream that I would have on rice and peas, curry chicken, everything! Now it’s mayo.everything! Now it’s mayo.


I heart Game of Thrones, Empire, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. Probably shouldn’t mention more, my niece says I watch too many! Give me a mighty malt and popcorn and I binge away on my fav shows whenever I can.


I enjoy dancing around at home lip syncing my favourite songs. I don’t have the voice of a singer. In church I’m happy that when I’m singing there is a bunch of people around me singing too!is a bunch of people around me singing too!


I have an unconventional approach to life. The norm and conforming to what is deemed appropriate or what everyone should be doing according to so called “gurus” bores me. according to so called “gurus” bores me.


I’m not necessarily the most emotional person, my perspective and approach to life and situations is very different. I like to sit, reflect and be with my own inner thoughts which means that I don’t always require or need company of others.


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