Danielle McDonald is The Clarity Architect and Founder of Brands of Colour. She teaches individuals effective strategies to gain clarity, shift their mindset, and take action for results so they can step up, step out, own it and become more business savvy.

Danielle is known as “The Clarity Architect” for being on-target, succinct, concise and to the point. She is a driven, critical thinker with an eye for detail, and a passion for fostering and empowering individuals to succeed.

She has worked with incredible international brands such as House of Fraser, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Topshop and reaches a growing global audience weekly through her podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube channel.

Her tips and advice have been featured in Business Insider, Addicted2Success, Career Girl Daily, YFS Magazine, NU People Magazine and Ms Career Girl.

Danielle McDonald - Media & Speaking


I absolutely love speaking and teaching on topics that inspire individuals to take action that delivers results.

As a succinct, clear and confident communicator, I share real life experiences, weave in personal wisdom and bring energy into every speaking presentation.

Some of the topics I speak about include:

Clarity: how to thrive with clarity in life by identifying and understanding what you truly want in life.

Mindset: how to re-train and condition your brain for growth and success through a daily practice.

Productivity: knowing what to focus on and when makes all the difference. This is about how to get clear, focused and take action for results.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset in the workplace: positioning ones self for success, developing a personal brand and creating an impact and presence that gets noticed for all the right reasons.

Meditation: how to get started with meditation. I use to think it was a waste of time, I now truly believe in the power of meditation for peace of mind and connecting with your inner-self.

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“It was great to have Danielle speak to our startup clients about the clarity they need in their businesses. Her insights and tips were on point for where the brands are right now. Approaching people with very little clarity and giving them an understanding of what they need to know to move their business to the next stage is a gift that Danielle has and was prepared to share with our clients, and I’m really grateful for this.” Bukola Digiloke, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Brand Consultant

“Danielle’s talk was definitely one of the best and helped me to get more clarity on building my brand. What I liked best was her honesty. Danielle talked clearly and without fooling people: you want to be successful, you need to know what you want and be willing to be disciplined and work hard every day to keep it going. She came from a service mindset, delivering on what was promised

It was personal and funny as Danielle got involved with the audience and made her points relevant, so that everyone could relate it to their own experiences. It was good and relieving to know that your business can reflect your inner convictions.

It was simple and practical, Danielle’s advice was easy to understand and the points discussed could be implemented straight away. She was loved by the audience.” Lídia J. Lima

“Danielle’s knowledge and understanding of branding and targeted marketing is mindboggling, yet she was able to deliver a fascinating presentation that even I was able to follow! The best presentations are those you walk away from with new strategies to implement within your own business.  I left Danielle’s presentation armed to the teeth.” Ben Crone-Barber, Managing Director at Shorefront Films

“May I just say how much I appreciated and enjoyed the talk you gave. Your clarity of thought and presentation were very helpful and the whole talk packed full of interesting and helpful ideas.” Martin Sherrard

“Thank you for an amazing seminar. I came away feeling inspired, motivated and positive about my future. Danielle has this way of making you feel like you can achieve whatever you want in life and I will always remember her wise words through out this roller coaster, that is life!” Katie Onyejekwe – Executive Support Assistant to Jacqueline Gold

“Danielle is both a motivational and thought-provoking speaker. She provided some great advice on how to create a better future for yourself and she left the audience with questions to help us on our own path. It was a very informative and positive seminar.” Claire Wilson

“I would like to start by saying that, unlike the majority of Danielle’s audience that were sat, pen to paper, tentatively hanging onto her every word and had clearly pre-planned to attend Danielle’s captivating seminar at the ‘Office Management & PA’ exhibition, I was actually at the event on business and was on route to meet a client that was exhibiting. Initially I stopped to see what Danielle were speaking on as I am all for ‘women in business’ at the best of times. I ended up staying for the whole seminar and felt it was both a blessing and a curse!

Danielle has re-ignited the flame within me that has always felt as though I am destined for greater things. Listening to Danielle address, so directly, the exact thought processes that I have been over many times myself, but have never really allowed myself to follow through, in such a positive and real way, has forced me to stop ignoring my inner voice and to start addressing the question…’am I actually where I want to be in life’. Thank you.” Mimzee Brewer –  Business Development Consultant

“I was very impressed with Danielle, she delivered a professional heart felt, thought provoking presentation which left me inspired to change my existing lifestyle.  She left me feeling I could achieve whatever I set out to achieve.” Cathy Murphy

“The talk Danielle delivered was really good and so useful! Danielle brought out alot from the attendees and I came away with lots of good tips.” Ronke Omotosho, Dance Bite

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