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Making It Happen Means Doing The Work – TCOMP037

Making it happen means doing the work. Sounds obvious right? Well based on conversations I have, it’s not as obvious as one may think.

There are different types of people in this life. There are those who are just happy to coast along and do the bare minimum to get by. There are those who are happy with just being average. There are those who choose to go beyond being average and there are those that go out there and smash it every opportunity they get. No excuses, no looking at what other people are doing, no complaining. They just get their head down and do the work.

My capacity to succeed isn’t based on being average. I’m personally not happy with being average, because I wasn’t created to be average. I was created to be limitless, but it’s something that has to be tapped into.

Making it happen means doing the work. Listen in for the full message.

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