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Fill Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

Have you noticed that what you watch, listen to, or tell yourself can make you feel amazing or down and out? When you fill your mind with positive thoughts it can make a huge difference, it can change how you view life.

I use to be a big fan of the news. I would wake up in the morning and part of my routine would include watching the news and then reading the paper on the tube. The news for me these days is full of doom and gloom. The doom and gloom of things happening in the world, that I was allowing to be part of my daily thoughts, was having an impact on me.

Stories in the news would cloud my mind, not for long periods of time, but long enough to take me away from the positive things in life. This is why I no longer watch the news. I keep up to date with what I need to, I control what I allow to enter my mind. The days when I don’t watch TV at all, result in me having the best nights sleep. Waking up feeling different and completely refreshed. Ever tried this? If not, give it a go sometime.

Now of course, everyone is different. But for me, I cut out as much negativity and doom and gloom as possible, because I’m the one in the driving seat. Feeding your mind everyday with the right things, that make a positive contribution will make a difference to how you perform in your business, at work and everyday life.

If you’re someone that works out, you may have a playlist that is just for the GYM. I have one and the reason for this what I select gives me energy, drives me and makes me feeling amazing while I’m working out. I listen to motivational videos and speakers that I download as mp3s to my iPhone. This is a prime example of performance being boosted based on what I choose to feed my mind during that time.

The bottom line is this. Thoughts create our emotions. Our emotions create beliefs. Beliefs lead to actions, and our actions lead to results we allow ourselves to get. What kind of books, blogs, articles do you read? What kind of music do you listen to? What do you watch whether it be on TV or YouTube?

What are the things you tell yourself? I call this mind chatter. Think back on the last 48 hours. How did your mind chatter and engaging in the things above make you feel?

Take a mental note or write down the thoughts that crossed your mind, the different emotions you felt. How long those thoughts had an impact for and if that impact was beneficial. Regain control of what you feed your mind. Engage in the things that give you the best results and stay clear of the things that don’t.

What action will you take to fill your mind with positive thoughts?

Thank you so much for reading!

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