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How to Change the Stories You Tell Yourself – TCOMP014

In this episode I talk about how to change the stories you tell yourself. You see, the images and words we create and build in our mind will define and create our reality. It becomes a story.

I remember a conversation I was having with my sister on the things we speak into our lives, and the things we allow to impact our lives. Sometimes this can be unintentional, because it’s easy to say things sometimes without thinking before we speak.

I share a personal example with you in this episode that relates to my old money mindset, and the steps I took to change it. The stories we tell ourselves is what we end up getting at times.

Once we put something out there to God the creator of the universe we’re saying that is what the expectation is. Now if it’s something good, fantastic, but if it’s something bad, you have to change the stories you tell yourself because it won’t serve you in life.

Listen in now to find out how to change the stories you tell yourself.

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