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8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Do you get the most from your content marketing efforts?

Depending on where (or if) you follow me, you may have noticed that I’m a big fan of repurposing my content. The reason why I love it so much is because it enables me to reach people in different ways. My audience doesn’t follow me in the same places so it increases the chances of my content being watched, listened to or read.

Now one of the things I pay close attention to is the fact that everyone has different learning styles and ways of absorbing knowledge and information.

So for example, some people have to see so they understand, others like to listen and some people prefer to absorb information at their own pace through a written format and things like a self study course.

With that in mind I want to share just 8 ways you can get the most from your marketing efforts so it stretches even further and you can start to reach more people. The great thing is, this can work for you as a content creator regardless of what line of work you’re in.

So let’s dive in with four things you can create:

1. Create an infographic. If you have interesting facts and statistics, break it down in a digestible format that appeals to your visual audience.

2. Develop a mini email course. Here’s an example, if you’ve created a step by step system that people can implement over a period of say five days or more, you could use this to create an evergreen email course to build your list. Evergreen is a term used for things that don’t have an expiry date and will always be relevant.

3. A 5, 7 or 14 day challenge. I’ve done around five different challenges now and the content has all come from stuff I’ve written. The very first one was The Clarity Challenge which helped people to gain clarity in their life and that was based on the things I’d experienced, overcame, and enabled me to gain clarity.

See where you can best use your expertise to create a challenge of high value for your audience based on what they need the most help with right now.

4. Write an E-book. Now this is something that I haven’t yet done myself, but I was recently reading an article focused on how lucrative it is to have an E-book. If you have tons of blog posts based on a specific topic, can you create an E-book to sell via Amazon, your website and elsewhere?

Ok, so here are four other things you can do with your content.

5. Create a presentation that you can upload to SlideShare. I don’t go on SlideShare often, but when I do the reach and exposure of presentations is huge. If you’ve delivered tons of presentations already, why not upload them to reach hundreds of people? It’s owed by LinkedIn so you never know what opportunities could come from it.

6. Identify your top five blog posts. Repurpose them for sites like the Huffington Post or ones that are best suited to the audience you want to attract.

7. Expand on existing content. If you share tips or how-to’s, expand on one in much greater detail and use it for a guest post to drive more traffic to your website or as a post for your own website.

8. Create your own quotes. This is my fav, break your content down into mini quotes to use across social media. You can create images or just use plain text, whatever takes your fancy.

As an added bonus, think about turning a podcast into a blog or video. A video into a podcast or blog and finally a blog post into a podcast or video.

So there you have it, eight ways to get the most from your content marketing efforts with a few bonus ones thrown in.

Share with a comment one thing you’re going to take action on to get the most from your content marketing efforts. I reply to everyone!

Thank you so much for reading!

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