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6 Ways You Can Build The Know, Like & Trust Factor

What is it about a person that makes us say… “oh I know who you are talking about!” “I like her” or “he is someone that can be trusted.”

It’s the know, like and trust factor that comes from effective marketing. It’s when you are able to build an audience of raving fans, people who want to know you more, like what you are about and do. They trust you enough to give you their email address (as a starting point) for you to send them valuable content.

With this in mind, here are six ways to help you do just that. Build your brand authority and get known as the expert within your field. Drive engagement and likability, and build trust.

Build Your Brand Authority & Become Known

1. Create valuable and relevant content. This presents an opportunity for you to show off your expertise and showcase what you know. Be creative because there are so many different ways you can present your content. Link it to how your audience likes to digest information, is it videos, guides, webinars, podcasts or something else? When it comes to deciding what you’re going to talk or write about, pick one topic or more that your content revolves around and create categories. So for example, my key word is clarity. When I create content, that is always weaved throughout. For instance, although clarity is not a focus word for this post, it will help you gain clarity on how you can build the know, like and trust factor.

When it comes to creating valuable and relevant content, here is a top tip for you…

Know and understand want your ideal customer or client wants, and give it to them. This is all about getting into their head, asking questions and gathering data. When individuals join my list, part of my automated email sequence includes a survey. This enables me to gain an understanding of the challenges they are facing, what they need help with in their business right now and the topics they want to learn more about.

This also then presents a great opportunity for you to further build on the relationship you have with that person. How? I send a personal thank you email to everyone that completes the survey. I provide them with tips, advice and resources on the most pressing areas they need help with. When I do this, I’m not just building on the know, but the like and trust at the same time.

2. Guest post or become a regular contributor. Make a list of say 20 blog sites and publications you would like to be featured in. For each one, include why you want to write for them or be featured, and what you have to offer the audience or publication. The key here is to think of it as a three way – win for you, win for the publication or blog site and a win for their audience, and your current one.

Now They Know You, You Want To Be Likable

The first thing to point out is not everyone is going to like you and guess what? That’s ok! We will never be liked by everyone nor will we like everyone we come into contact with. All that matters is the people you want to attract, like you and adore you for who you are and what you have to offer. So let’s dive in to how you can do this.

3. Be authentic. This has become a buzz word and gets thrown around a lot these days, but there is a reason for it. We are all unique, there is no one like you. The experiences you’ve gone through in your life and what I call your brilliance (which relates to your strengths, gifts, talents and experience) is what sets you apart. In fact, you are your unique selling point (UPS). Don’t be afraid to show what you like or the things you believe in. Instead, identify ways to weave this throughout your brand. For example, I’m a gym bunny and yoga and pilates junkie so it forms part of my bio to give people a bit more about me, other than what I do.

4. Put a face to your name. This is all about being visible. One of the things I always say is, if you’re not visible how are your prospective clients or customers going to find you? Now yes, this is dependant on what you do. If your business requires you to actively, and personally deliver on the services or products you sell people need to see, hear and get to know you. Some of the best business connections and leads I’ve made came from offline activities. However, this can of course be replicated online. Try out different visibility tactics and see what ones work best for you and your business.

Build Trust

I love this quote by Seth Godin, “Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.”

5. Share your best stuff. Have you ever received something for free and thought “if they are giving me this for free, I wonder what I would get from working with them?” that’s it right there. Don’t be afraid to give stuff of high value and quality, people will thank you for it and share what you have to offer. This relates to creating a freebie opt-in (also known as a lead magnet).

Your freebie needs to be something that your target audience is going to absolutely love and addresses their main problem. They are going to be more then happy to trade their email address for it. Through your freebie, you want people to see why you are the go to expert within your field. So what can you create? Here are five options for you, but it’s also important to take into consideration how your target audience likes to consume content.

  • Guide
  • Webinar
  • Workbook
  • Training Series – video, audio or email
  • Challenge – this could be for 5, 7 or 10 days as an example.

6. Consistency pays. If you have a blog, podcast, YouTube channel or whatever else it might be, ensure you are consistent with your delivery. This applies to any email marketing too. Your audience will start to expect things on a certain day, and even maybe at certain time. If you’re inconsistent you’ll start to lose them and they’ll go elsewhere. There are times I’ll receive an email from someone and because they haven’t bothered to email their list in a while… I either forgot who they are and why I signed up so end up unsubscribing. Don’t lose leads because of things like this, organise and plan your time effectively.

The final thing I want to end with is, show generosity and gratitude. Don’t make it all about you. Engage with others and share their content. Get involved with your audience and build those relationships so you can take them offline at some point. Twitter is a conversational platform right? If that’s a platform that works for you, your timeline should be mixed with your content, the content of others, comments, RTs and so on.

As an example, I have a VIP list. This is for everyone (that is on Twitter) who is subscribed to my mailing list, then I have one for successful entrepreneurs I want to meet and collaborate with and a few others. This helps me to ensure I’m keeping up to date with what they are doing and support them and their brand. The other thing is to show gratitude for when someone shares your content. A simple thank you goes a long way.

Which way is your fav? Share with a comment.

To your continued success!

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