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 5 Minute Guided Meditation – I Am Peace

I am peace and at peace.

For this 5 minute guided meditation session we are going to focus on peace. Experiencing a moment of peace and having actual peace of mind are two different things. I am peace.

Peace of mind is something that is derived from within, it can’t be obtained from things or people. It comes from building and developing your relationship with God, or what you believe in and your inner-self.

We are going to start this 5 minute guided meditation by going through some core principals and a short breathing exercise.

You can choose to sit and meditate with your eyes open or closed. For this one, my eyes will be gently open. As this 5 minute guided meditation session is focused on peace, here is a short mantra you may want to repeat in your mind throughout:

“I am peace and peace flows through all areas of my life.”

I hope this five minute guided meditation session serves you.

Peace, light and blessings to you.

Believe, take action and make it happen because that life you desire is waiting for you.

To your continued success!

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