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15 Life And Business Lessons I’ve Learned So Far – TCOMP003

I decided to dedicate this episode to 15 life and business lessons I’ve learned so far.

This stems back to my career and when I started my business journey in 2012. I spent sometime reflecting on how things have evolved and changed and the 15 lessons I’m gong to share with you have contributed to the shifts that have taken place in different ways.

Being patient was never a strong trait of mine, I had to learn to be patient. I don’t know of any success stories where things happened overnight, but the ones I do know of, consisted of individuals who were patient, persevered and persisted, because whilst there may be moments of wanting to give up, you have to be prepared and willing to be in it for the long haul. Be consistent day in and day out and work according to your strengths.

If you believe in your vision and the purpose for your life never give up. No matter how things may appear, stay on your grind and remain focused. It’s like the picture of the man digging for gold. It can be a long hard slog, but you could be much closer to reaping the rewards than you think.

I would love to read about the lessons that you’ve learnt so please join the conversation in the comments below. Not only will I respond, I’ll be selecting lessons to turn into quotes to share on social media tagging you in to give you greater exposure if you agree to it, so be sure to get involved.

Thank you so much for listening in!

I truly appreciate you joining me for this episode.

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