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I’ve experienced things that have brought me close to breaking point.
I’ve always been ambitious, but during my teens, twenties and even the early stages of my business I had so many moments of feeling lost and confused, because I lacked direction which was a result of a lack of clarity. Self-limiting beliefs, doubts and self-perceptions would eat away at me at times, in both life and the workplace.

You see, it doesn’t matter how confident a person may come across, we all have our own battles we are fighting to overcome.

During my darkest moments when anxiety would surround me, prayer, my faith and meditation helped me breakthrough into the light and let me share with you why.

I had to make the decision, because we always have a choice, to create transformational change from within through spiritual and personal growth which I weave throughout my content. Without getting to the root cause as to why we experience certain things and why we feel a certain way, things will remain the same…..

I’m truly grateful for everything that has taken place in my life because its all contributed to me being the woman I am today, and up skilled me to do what I do now. If you can resonate with this and you’re in a place where you feel overwhelmed in your life right now and there’s a lot going on, I want to help you reduce that overwhelm with clarity.


You might be thinking, “how are you going to do that?”

I have a proven formula (the power of three) that works and a no BS approach to helping you succeed. I don’t handout fluff or sprinkle fairy dust because that doesn’t lead to growth.

I don’t believe in taking an off the shelf approach with any of my clients because everyone has different needs and desires. I meet you right where you are at, so this means when you work with me, advice is customised based on your needs, no one else.

This is achieved through Clarity of Mind Strategy Sessions. You can have anywhere between one to six sessions. The choice is 100% yours, but I understand you may be thinking:

“I’m not sure if now is the right time.”

If you resonate with this message and you know that with the right clarity and focus, you could move steps ahead to achieving what you desire, now is the right time.

“Money is tight right now, and I’m not making the kind of money I want to yet.”

Investing in yourself, business or career — especially in the beginning — is scary. There are times when money is tight, and you’re working with a limited budget. I know what that’s like because I’ve experienced it too.

I had to bite the bullet and take the step to invest in me and my business, and during my career too when I was working at Urban Outfitters. I still invest in myself to this day and it’s seriously one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

You’re driven and ambitious which simply means you have a strong desire and determination to succeed, but you need clarity on how to focus your efforts to get the best results.​

You can achieve that through the power of three and I’m here to help you by providing you with actionable step by step, practical and logical strategies you can implement to experience immediate results.

A Clarity of Mind Strategy Session with me is an action-packed and results driven experience. You will gain clarity of mind within your chosen area, get super clear, focused and have clear action steps to create positive change in your life, business or career. No matter what stage you’re at, sessions are designed to provide you with on-target and practical solutions so you can move forward boldly and with confidence in the direction you desire.

You might be thinking.. “sounds great, but why should I trust you Danielle?”

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and you can read my social proof here and via Brands of Colour here.

As I shared previously, I take a no BS approach to helping you succeed. I don’t handout fluff or sprinkle fairy dust. I meet you right where you are at, so this means when you work with me, advice is customised based on your needs, no one else.


I work with individuals for a max of 6 weeks. This means you can book up to six one hour Clarity of Mind Sessions which take place via Zoom. 

Your Investment per session is £175. Once you have paid for your session via PayPal, please don’t close the page as you will be directed to Calendly to select a date and time for your session.

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