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What makes me different?

I have a proven formula (the power of three) that works and a no BS approach to helping you succeed. I don’t handout fluff or sprinkle fairy dust because that doesn’t lead to growth.

I don’t believe in taking an off the shelf approach with any of my clients because that ‘next level’ within one persons career, will be different to the next person.

I meet you right where you are at, so this means when you work with me, you get an individual blueprint that is customised just for you, no one else. My commitment is to give you the very best of what I’m living, learning and to share my knowledge and expertise to help you thrive and get to that next level in your career. 

“If clarity is what you are after, clarity is what you get. But… Beware! You will experience a different type of calmness that you might not be used too. Danielle’s energy is amazing.” Michaela Anderson


Career Success On Your Terms

You want to take your career to what you deem to be the next level, and you’re ready to get the support you need to make it happen.

You’re driven and ambitious, but you lack the clarity you need to get the best return (results) from the hard work you’re putting into your career to progress each day.

I know what that feels like… it can be so frustrating right?! The good news is, it doesn’t have to be anymore.

When you work with me, we will create a proactive and smart career strategy where you will achieve success on your terms.

I’ll provide you with an unbiased perspective to help you get clear about what you want to achieve, what’s holding you back, and the action steps you can take to start the transition process to that next level in your career.

We’ll devise a game plan for the areas you find challenging so you can overcome those challenges boldly and with confidence!

Working with me is an action-packed and results driven experience. You will gain clarity, get focused and have clear action steps to thrive in your career. No matter what stage you’re at, the approach I take is designed to provide you with on-target and practical solutions.

I work with individuals for a max of six months, online via a software system called Zoom. This allows for there to be flexibility as we can decide on the best option for you based on where you are at, what you want to achieve and your budget.

You will receive a detailed summary following on from each session that includes an action plan, tools, resources and an audio recording for you to listen back to.

I don’t believe in making things complex with paragraphs upon paragraphs of copy as to why you should work with me. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. To experience a taste of what it could be like to work with me, apply for a complimentary discovery session with me today.

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